The Characteristics of an Agile Employee

Just in case you are wondering, what is a good dev employee? By definition, good development refers to what people have, who they are, and what they already know and do. And how to achieve such a good development? The obvious answer is agility. This expert buzzword is one of the most popular, highly valued concepts in the workplace today. But what exactly does it mean to be “agile” today? An individual or company is “agile” when they are in a position to swiftly adapt or develop in reaction to changing conditions. Having the ability to break down barriers at work so as to meet changing business requirements, progress or technology is vital for any agile team. In this post, we will share some of the best characteristics of an agile employee/worker today.

A Disciplined Listener

two men talkingAgile professionals listen to people, trends, and markets and then respond or lead accordingly. If you don’t listen carefully to what’s happening in your industry or company, you won’t be able to change course and meet rapidly changing business needs. As a company creates a culture of agility, there is often less control over things like deadlines or daily/weekly tasks and even more focus on bigger responsibilities.

You must have enough self-discipline to achieve your desired goals, even if your performance is not tracked every step of the way.

Proactive and Not Afraid

If your company values the capabilities of its people, it is likely to create a culture of agility that encourages quick decisions and rapid thinking. This type of environment allows freedom and empowers your employees to act quickly by removing unnecessary barriers to innovation and progress. Prepare to benefit from freedom by becoming more disciplined, more motivated, and more benevolent. At the core of the culture of agility is the ability to change and adapt in response to what’s happening around you, whether it’s the needs of your customers, changing technology, or changing business developments.

A Communicator and Collaborator

recruitersTo be agile in the workplace, you must have intense responsiveness and openness to reinforce your plan or program based on many different drivers of change. For this approach to be effective, you must be able to communicate your plans or programs quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Being agile means sharing knowledge with your fellow employees or business partners, rather than having to keep “private.”

A collaborative environment seeks to break down hierarchical power structures and unnecessary barriers so that everyone has the freedom to explore, create, experiment, and achieve positive results.