Tips for Picking a Recruiter that Is Right for You

Even if employers and job candidates are on opposite sides of the table during the assessment period, it is essentia to understand that the struggle of finding the right match is a shared experience. In an organization, it is a wise idea to ensure that you have a professional recruiter. They are the right experts that can help and make this process easier. But there is a lot of confusion about the work of the recruiters and finding a professional one.

When you have the right people, you will note that the process of recruiting is seemingly straightforward. But as a candidate, should you work with someone outside the company or an internal recruiter? Keep reading our guide to know more about the different types of recruiters and how you can find the right one for your job search.

External Recruiters

External recruiters come on all sizes and shapes. In other words, you can find them from national agencies, regional companies and local firms. One of the main points that you need to understand is that a recruiter who works on contingency is paid when two conditions are met. First, if the candidate has accepted the job offer and second if the candidate has remained employed beyond the initial trial period.

Internal Recruiters

Internal recruiters are part of the company because they are paid just like any other company employees. In simpler terms, they represent the interest of the company since their main aim is to find the right candidate who will meet the requirements for the position available. Therefore, any candidate that is hired by an internal recruiter will not cause the company to incur other extra fees. As a job seeker, know the right recruiter that is right for you.

It is crucial to note that some companies might ask you to use external or internal recruiters. But if you are looking for one, below are some of the steps to finding the right one.

Experience Matters

As an organization, if you are looking for a recruiter, one of the crucial things that you should ask is their track of records. If you find out that they have hired people at your competitors, they are among the recruiters that you should consider hiring.

Professional Knowledge

When you are running a given company, this means that you are delivering services to other people that rely on you. When looking for a recruiter, you should settle with the one that has the required professional knowledge.